Making your own stretch mark cream is easy

The cosmetic market is such a lucrative one and especially the section that deals with stretch mark removal creams. Anyone interested in getting a stretch mark removal cream can get it with prices ranging from those that are reasonable to some that can be quite expensive. Many of these creams are quite effective in dealing with stretch marks even though there are some that are really not effective at all.  Many creative people who don’t want to spend too much money have realized that making a homemade stretch mark cream is not such a big deal after all. Most of the stretch mark creams you make at home use natural ingredients and as such you will not have to worry about side effects.

Natural ingredients

One of the most important ingredients you will need to make your own stretch mark cream is cocoa butter because it makes the base for many commercially produced stretch mark creams as well. The one reason that cocoa butter is popular is that it is very effective in moisturizing the skin. When your skin is properly moisturized and hydrated it becomes easier to prevent and even eliminate stubborn stretch marks. You need to melt this important ingredient and add some two tablespoons of germ oil to make an effective cream.

Other essential ingredients

Homemade stretch mark creams

There are other important ingredients that are essential in making a homemade stretch cream and they especially include vitamins. The vitamins that also form part of stretch mark creams are essential in making the skin healthy by providing the correct skin nutrition. These vitamins can be bought in form of capsules and you can easily get vitamin A, E and D and add 5 capsules of each one of them to the cocoa butter mixture you prepared earlier. This mixture is extremely important in improving your skin tone and texture.

Enhancing the moisturizing effect

One reason why the skin breaks and tears is that when it is dry it becomes extremely dry it becomes very vulnerable. Any solution that enhances the moisture content of the skin will play a great role in prevention of stretch marks. You can enhance the effectiveness of your homemade mark cream by adding aloe vera because of its moisture content and skin toning properties.


You have succeeded in making your own stretch mark cream using that simple procedure. Mix all the ingredients mentioned and keep them in a sterile bottle. You only need to make sure that the ingredients do not settle or float. After the mixture has settled for about half an hour and as soon as the mixture has solidified it is actually ready to use in eliminating stretch marks.


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